Saturday, July 8, 2017

Shotgun primers

Velocity on the bottom axis, pressure in KSI on the vertical axis.  Blue triangle depicts Federal 209 data.  Black line depicts Winchester 209 data.  Green triangle depicts Remington 209 data.  Red triangle depicts CCI 209 data.
Different brands of shotgun primers are not interchangeable!

The chart shown above depicts four common brands of primers:
  • Standard (non-magnum) CCI 209
  • Remington 209
  • Winchester 209
  • Federal 209
Lyman and Hodgdon tested three different "target" loads.   Target loads are dialed into a maximum of 1200 feet per second.  The point being that more velocity means less sensitivity to "leading the target".

Changing a load from a CCI primer to a Federal primer increases the odds of a load being over-speed should one of them be checked.

The other point is that from a pressure standpoint you are pretty safe if the load specifies a Federal primer and all you have on your bench are CCI primers.  The risk is when you are using a powder that is difficult to ignite, plan to hunt in cold weather and/or are trying to ignite a vast amount of powder (slugs or buckshot come to mind), you might get a poof instead of a bang.

My specific problem is that the local stores tend to exclusively stock Federal primers.  These primers are used in in-line muzzle-loaders and deer hunters are trying to ignite large amounts (up to 150 grains of powder) in cold weather.  They want HOT primers.

I am pondering all of this as I get ready to assemble some reloads for Belladonna's 16 gauge.

I am currently leaning toward a load that looks much like Ballistic Products Load# 170419-9336 with #4 shot.  Ballistic Products lists the pressure of this load as 9.0ksi vs. SAAMI max (on page 14) for the 16 gauge of 11.5ksi.  The likely targets would be woodchucks, raccoons and bunnies.

As always, reload responsibly and don't assume.

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  1. Looks like Remington primers are a better fit, and I've never even HEARD of Cheddite primers... Sigh... I'm getting too old for this.


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