Friday, July 7, 2017

Power Down

Big, old Cottonwood.  All photos taken on my four mile drive into coffee this morning

Water for flushing.  Picked up at the boat landing on the Grand River in Eaton Rapids.  My generator does not have enough power to reliably start the 240V water pump.

This is not doing that power pole any  good at all.

Another place.  Wires down across the road.

And another pole down.
I heard all four lanes of M-99 was shut down just south of Columbia due to power wires on the ground.
Tri-County power
Consumers Power

I expect to be without power for at least 24 hours.  This area is served by multiple utilities.  The largest one reports that more than 130,000 customers are without power and their initial estimate is that it will take until Sunday night to get everybody back on line.  The line crews are swamped.

I am running the generator one hour on, two hours off to keep the food frozen.  I dumped the breakers for the A/C and pulled the power cords for the washer, drier, toaster oven and microwave.  I will have cold beer 8-) so this does not even rate as an inconvenience.

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  1. We lost our power at 5 am this morning to the accompaniment of multiple alarms (UPS, house alarm) going off to let me know the power was out and to thus wake me up before my planned time to do so. It did come back by 9 so not as bad a case as yours. Winds yet again were the culprit. Good luck and enjoy the cold beer and the start to the weekend.


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