Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Freddie schools a young-un

You met Freddie on these pages before.

One of Freddie's habits is to buy a box of donuts at 7:00 am on Monday mornings, come down to coffee for a while and then deliver the donuts to the nurses at the hospital at 8:30 am.  He buys them early to ensure that he can pick up a good selection.

One of the younger fellows is a bit of a pot-stirrer.  He was riding Freddie, telling him that there was no place for older people.  "The world is speeding up.  You gotta change to keep up."

Freddie told him, "I can keep up just fine.  Thank-you."

The young fellow kept poking the wasp nest.

"You are probably a bigot." the young man stated.

"Nope." said Freddie.  "I may have been born in Union City, Tennessee but I am a model of diversity."

"You wait right here.  I'll show you." Freddie said as he shuffled out of the restaurant. 

"This I gotta see." the young man retorted.

Freddie came back in with his box of donuts.

"See, I got brown ones and tan ones and even black ones.  I got some with white frosting.  Some are pink and some are red.  Some got holes, some don't,  Some even are all covered with rainbow sprinkles. And I paid cash-money for all of them." Freddie said.

The young man peered into the box somewhat skeptically.  "And which one do you figure I am?" The pain-in-the-anatomy asked.

Freddie give him a piercing look.  "You must be some kind of dummy if you haven't figured that out.  You are the flaky one."

Freddie laughed so hard he started wheezing.  That is understandable given the circumstances, Freddie is 82 after all.

I reckon we will be hearing that story, about Freddie getting a funny at the expense of the PITA, for the next six months.

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  1. Snort... Dammit, you need beverage warnings for those...


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