Monday, July 17, 2017


I started running again.

It has been several years.

I managed two miles on Saturday.  It was broken up by walking.

I managed another two miles today. Again it was broken up by walking. 

Today's running was more painful than Saturday's.  My muscles were complaining.

Part of my problem is that my muscle memory is from when I was forty or fifty pounds lighter and running every other day.  Those habits are writing checks my current state of fitness cannot support.

This is not about "bragging".  It is about holding myself accountable.

My hope is that blogging will hold my feet to the fire.  Reporting the distance run on any given day is just that much more motivation.

For the record, my plan is to run every-other-day and I want to be up to three miles at the end of next week.  Keeping my fingers crossed.


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