Saturday, July 15, 2017

Pears, dew drops and biting flies

Many of my pear trees are carrying a good crop this year.  Pears, unlike apples, are not photogenic when they are on the tree.  The fruit tends to blend in with the leaves.

Corn leaves with dew condensing on the hairs like so many little shish kebob

First corn tassel peeking through.
Glorious weather predicted over the next few days.  I think I sweet-talked Mrs ERJ into going canoeing today.

Some Centennial apple-crabs showing color.
Fly trap update
This is the preliminary set-up.  Cups suspended on Tee posts separated by approximately 30 feet.  Cups have a plastic bag over them.  they were installed yesterday about 4:00 pm.  The plastic bags are smeared with a product called Tanglefoot.  Cattle supply the population of biting flies.

Yellow cup, zero deer flies

Blue cup, one deer fly.  It is on the crease of the bag near the top of the photo.

Red cup, one deer fly.  It is near the bottom of the photo.

Pink cup with black "ears", zero deer flies.
It was necessary to make the experiment simpler.  The original experiment was too much effort to get off the ground in the time I had left before "deer fly season" was over.  Some data is better than no data.

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