Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Belladonna informs me that she is not a Millenial.  She is Gen Z.

According to Ryan Jenkins these are some of the differences:

How Generation Z Differs from Millennials
  •  More pragmatic.
  • More cautious.
  • More money conscious.
  • More face-to-face.
  • Less noticed.
  • More global.
  • Less educated.
  • More individualistic. 
  • More tech dependent.
  • Less parented.
  • More early-starts.
  • More disruptive.
  • More split-tasking.
  • Less focused.
  • More entrepreneurial.


  1. Looking at that list, they shouldn't be able to function in society... sigh

    1. Looking at the list, the only negatives I saw were
      More tech dependent.
      More disruptive.
      More split-tasking.
      Less focused.

      Belladonna's employer dealt with those issues by making them hand in their smartphones while on the clock. That killed much of the drama (facebruise and twitstwaddle).


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