Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Older cars, continued

Strut assembly with broken spring on the left.
No, Virginia.  It is not supposed to look like that.
A big atta-boy to Holt Auto Alignment.  They got the job done by 4:45 yesterday afternoon.

Partway through the day the office guy called me up and told me he could shave some cost out of the initial quote.  Because I told them I was NOT in a hurry he called around and found suitable struts for $70 less than his regular supplier.  "Do you want them?" he asked.

First thing this morning I picked up the Malibu.  The "kid" was in the office today.  He is 48 years old and is the new guy.  He has only been there 20 years.

I think they appreciated that I wanted them to do the job at their own, best pace.  "Like you have done it a thousand times before." I told them. Many of the folks who come in are in a hurry and the shop has to work to a dead-line when somebody can pick it up.

The brakes are installed.  I suspect that I will be buying an impact wrench next month.  I wanted to change the rotor on the right side.  It still had plenty of "meat" but was grooved.  I was unable to break one of the bolts holding the caliper in place and had to settle for swapping out the pads.

Next on the list are the windshield wipers.

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