Thursday, July 13, 2017

Rain, lightening, flowers and funerals

We got some rain yesterday.  This is what the radar looked like at mid morning.

This is what the precipitation looked like by mid afternoon.  The Wisconsin-Illinois line got hammered picking up 8" of rain in a very short time.  I suspect frequent commentor "Loren" will not be watering his garden this week.

My rain buckets substantiated the radar based estimate of 1.5 inches. They frequently differ by 50%.

We had more rain overnight and the radar estimate stands at three inches in the last 24 hours.  More rain is predicted today.

We need it and it comes at a great time for the corn farmers.  For them it is a million dollar rain.  The soil was dry and IF it comes down slowly enough it can sponge up five-to-seven inches of rain.
Lightening strike map for 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.  Relatively speaking, Michigan does not get a lot of lightening strikes.  The lightening belt is "C" shaped and starts in Pittsburgh, extends west to Omaha, then south to Wichata Falls, then east along the Gulf Coast (half on land, half in the water), across Florida and then northeast along the Gulf Stream.  A good post about lightening HERE

Gratuitous garden pictures
Flowers on the red beans

Flowers on the Great Northern Beans

A shoot on a chestnut tree extending five hours after it rained.  The terminal bud "broke" and it started growing again.

Mrs ERJ and I will be attending an out-of-town funeral.  Blogging will be light.


  1. Yup, pretty much good for a week or two but only got 3" out of this one. we get 5-8" about once a summer here and things get exciting. Most storms split in Iowa for some reason and go north of south of us. Lightning is mostly cloud to cloud which is a nice change from when I lived in the Colorado mountains.

  2. We were supposed to get hit hard yesterday and last night over here in midland but we only got .2 inch. Just as well midland is still cleaning up from the mess of two weeks ago. I don't what the official total were bUT I got 8 in at my house according to my rain guage

  3. I'd be more than happy if that lightning map was EAST of us, instead of on TOP OF US... sigh... Being on the dry line truly sucks some times.


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