Saturday, July 22, 2017

Doomsday bunkers

This is one of the articles that accompanied the article.
Forbes, a magazine that is rarely associated with satire or puckish humor ran an article on the rising popularity of "billionaire, doomsday bunkers."  Many of the usual Alt and Prepper sites are citing it.

This map just plain looked wrong so I read the Forbes article.

Do you see that landmass to the east of Florida?  That is Atlantis.  You won't find it on many other maps.

The fact that you can see anything of Florida while a corner of Colorado is flooded should ring an alarm in your head.  The highest elevation in Florida is 345 feet.  The highest elevation east of the Mississippi is Mt Mitchell at about 6700 feet.  The lowest elevation in Colorado is 6800 feet.  That is, every point east of the Mississippi will be flooded by rising oceans before Colorado has a single foot of oceanfront beach.  Sharp-eyed reader Windy Wyo spotted an error hence the crossed out text.  Corrected text now reads: The lowest elevation in Colorado is over 3000 feet above sea level.  All of Florida will be underwater before Colorado has a single foot of oceanfront beach.

So what is this map?
This simulation an elastic/plastic body being impacted was provided by Gify.

Glad you asked.  It is an artist's representation of what the the earth might look like after it was hit by an asteroid of unknown size traveling at an unknown speed and hitting the earth in an unspecified location.

Don't use the Forbes map for any serious planning.  The map is made-for-tabloid trash, intended to gull the patsies.


  1. That representation of the Mississippi river caught me eye. There was a river like that after the last ice age, but the cartographer moved it a little bit west of where it lay. That paleolithic river was over 60 miles from bank to bank and drained the glaciers that covered North America. We can still see the footprint of the river today, if you know how to read a topo ma.

  2. Yep, inaccuracy is their mantra... They've never bothered to actually consult the 'real' experts.

  3. The lowest elevation in Colorado is 3315 feet above sea level. Denver "the mile high city" is 5280 feet above sea level.

  4. By golly, you are absolutely right!!!

    Thanks for your sharp eyes and thank-you for taking the time to comment.


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