Saturday, July 15, 2017

Class reunions

I wimped out.

Mrs ERJ was very surprised that I even thought about going.  "Social" events are not my thing. Going to a party where I don't know anybody (hell, it has been forty years) and "mingling" is pretty close to my idea of hell.

I like conversations with one or two people.  That is delightful. 

Crowds:  No thank-you.

There is nothing personal about the people involved.  It is me.  I own it.

The worst part is that Mrs ERJ might hear stories about me that I cannot even remember happening. 

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  1. I missed my 50th HS reunion last fall. While there are people with whom I would love to get back in touch, my gut told me that they would not be attending, so neither did I.

    Not long ago, I discovered that there was a Zuckerbook group page for my class. I went to it and requested membership in the group. After a few days, having heard nothing from them, I went back to the page, but could not find it. Fearing the worst, I used my wife's login to search for the group and there it was. Yes, my class' group admin had blocked me from the group.

    Thus, for at least this one occasion, I could look back on a decision made on instinct and say without equivocation that I had proof that I had made the correct choice.


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