Sunday, July 16, 2017

Belladonna's job

Bella is a happy girl.

Her job has a base-pay component and a variable component.

The first week and a half was slow. 

Two days ago she got slammed. The business she is in is not very predictable.  Sometimes random variation results in employees being overloaded.

Two days ago Bella found herself with three times the normal traffic and she acquitted herself like a master.  A sluggard would have been steamrollered.  Not Bella.  She spilled the tasks that were spillable.  She multi-tasked.  She kept the clients happy.  The variable component reflected the magnificent job she did.

Yesterday, management deliberately gave Bella the hot seat.  They saw she could handle it.  In fact, they saw that she wanted to be busy.  Yesterday's variable component was even better than the one from the day before.

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