Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sunday Soup

The older I get the smarter my dad becomes.

A big kettle of soup on Sunday was a family tradition.

Yesterday was raining.

Today was cold and windy.  The ground is icy.  It is not conducive to exercising outside.  It is great soup weather.  Rich in vegetables with a tomato-y base.  It fills you up and makes your soul sing....all without blowing the calorie budget for the rest of the week.

Like my dad, I an not so much a "recipe" guy as a "clean out the fridge/freezer" kind of guy.

  • One pound dried Great Northern Beans
  • One pound frozen mixed vegetables, or however much is left in the open bag
  • One pound peas and carrots, or however much is left in the open bag
  • Leftover chicken, in this case, one lonely breast
  • Water
  • One small can of tomato paste
  • Season to suit the audience. 
Have a great week!

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