Saturday, January 2, 2016

Lansing Gun show

The doors opened at 10:00 AM.  This is the line at 11:35 AM.  The line was moving....shuffle-shuffle-shuffle.

Belladonna was impressed by the books, the medical supplies and the hats.  Best T-shirt read, "Army (picture of Tank) Park any place you want."

Powder supplies were ample.  But, alas, no T shot to be found.  This is Reloaders World out of Charlotte, Michigan.
This guy is an awesome merchandizer.  Product in many vivid, translucent colors.  Low cost display case is tipped to show a lot of product.  Free samples.  Delicious candy.
The World Wide Candies man is Robert M Holbert.  We chatted a little bit about the challenges faced by small businesses. 

He is pushing back.  Mr Holbert started a Craft, vendor and small business group on Facebook.  It is a show and vendor connection venue and provides contact information for over 1300 Michigan Craft, Festival, Antique, Car, Motorcycle, Tractor, Gun, Hunting, Mom-2-Mom, Flea, Fair, Woman and Bridal expos where vendors can sell your product.

If interested in seeing what he has going:
  • Go to Facebook search
  • Type in "craft, vendors and small business"
  • Click on "join group" to become a member


  1. Doug Carl put that show on? Where was it?

    1. It was at the Ingham County Fairgrounds in Mason, Michigan.

      I took Belladonna. I think she is Jonesing for a Taurus PT-111 G2.

      The girl continues to impress me. We swung by the food wagon. She looked at the prices and said, "Dad, I have a better idea. Lets pick up a couple of packages of brats, some onions and peppers and make our own."

      She is busy cutting up those onions and peppers and sauteeing them, even as I type. Mrs ERJ did a great job on that gal.

  2. Looks like the future, at least for the next couple of months...

  3. Smith & Wesson stock value increased over 100% in 2015.


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