Saturday, January 9, 2016

Montgomery Plains Cemetery

Sorry, something got lost.  Lets try again.
Ivory colored regions were marked as Oak Savanna by the original surveyors in the early 1800s.  High school marked with an "X", Montgomery Plains Cemetery with a "+".   This snapshot is the southeast corner of the Eaton Rapids School District.     Source of images   Eaton county image        Ingham county image
There might be older ones, but marble washes out over time.  This one is granite.
East fence row looking toward Plains Road from the back corner.  The strip of grass is about 15' wide.

Looking south.
This is what passes for "broad daylight" in Michigan during the winter.  This is a cluster of Black Oak.
Some acorns fell into my pockets.  These are tiny rascals, not much bigger than the seeds you find in grapefruit.
The serendipitous thing about the strip of grass on the east side is that it is less vulnerable to herbicide spray due to the prevailing winds.  There is a chance that viable seeds exist in the soil, just waiting for burning to return.

This would be a good place for annual or biennial burns to see if any remnant prairie species can be teased into germinating.  No telling what is there until somebody tries.

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