Sunday, January 3, 2016

Grant writing

I am fiddling with an idea.  It involves developing some under-utilized (in my opinion) features on public property.  The picture in my head is to enhance the features' biological diversity and to make them "friendlier" to students, photographers, "birders" and such.

I solicited advice from an expert.  I don't have permission to share her name but I want to share her advice because I think she absolutely nailed it.

Things to consider as you develop your project idea:

1. How is this connected to other efforts? From a habitat perspective, Greenspace, public trail use, curriculum, community planning, etc. Grantors want to see that they are getting a good value and that a project is well connected rather a stand alone.
2. Has this project part of any strategic plan, or report - this can help show that the public was polled for ideas of what was important, and habitat/outdoor learning was identified.
3. How will long-term maintenance handled (financed)? People get excited about things, then they disappear.  What will keep this project going in 5 years, 10?

I enjoy mastering new skills.  This is a challenge because it takes me outside my core skills.

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