Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce...

The wind chill is -5 (F).

The local birds are working the feeder with the black oiler sunflower seeds.  They seem very happy.

So far the woodpeckers have not discovered my suet feeder.  Perhaps the problem is that I loaded it with cheap hotdogs instead of suet.  Silly me.  I thought fat was fat.

School was cancelled for the day due to drifting snow on top of glare ice.  I drove fifteen miles to pick up one of Kubota's friends.  I think calling off school was a good call.

Kubota's friend asked if I had any Gatorade, which I did.  I brought it to him and instead of "Thank-you" I was treated to "Do you have blue?"

I don't think that is unusual.  It seems to be the norm in most families who eat the majority of their meals from fast food restaurants.  Why shouldn't they have it their way?

Quite a contrast to Brad, one the National Guardsmen I worked with.  He told me of going on 14 hour sorties and hoping there were granola bars left in the vending machine when they got back to base.  Brad was one skinny guy when he came back from deployment to the sandbox.

I see that Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are falling on hard times.  I wonder how much of it has to do with not being able to custom order food on camp outs?

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  1. A weekend of video games with virtual "friends" is more appealing to today's youth than carrying their gear 10 miles for the privilege of sleeping on the ground and eating freeze dried food, and that's even more true when it's -5 F!


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