Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Applause for Pigpen51

Pigpen51, a frequent commenter on this blog, recently posted his first essay on a major blog (The Zelman Partisans).  I would be passing out cigars if I could figure out how to send them over the internet.

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Someone can of course be a hero to one group while being hated by another. Even worse, in our case, many publicly extolled “heroes” rob our freedom while other genuine heroes go unsung or are even villified.
I think our country is certainly in need of heroes. We face a growing threat from without in the form of terror and financial attack. Perhaps more significantly, we face a threat from within, which, if left unchecked could rival that seen 150 years ago. It will take courage — and dare I say heroism — to lead our country back to where our founding fathers, and yes, mothers, meant for us to be.
We must stop waiting for our heroes to do anything for us. Once we truly get that, really get that deep down in our heart, and start to actively do the things that the free people do, we will see our nation, or at least our communities, turn around.
Freedom once tasted, can never be taken away, but can only be given up. We will never let each other down if we simply stand on our own.

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  1. wow, I never expected such a great response from anyone. What my goal in writing was to inspire people to think for themselves and to act for themselves. To have the kind of support from everyone that I have felt, and now this here, is humbling. I am working on essay about concealed carry firearms for those of us who didn't hit the powerball. I am talking 500$ guns here, but think less than half that. For the rest of us. And a special thanks to Joe, again, for his encouragement, in writing. I seriously needed his help, and he gave it willingly.


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