Sunday, January 24, 2016


Kubota is struggling with relationships.

It is hard when you are 16, unemployed and don't have a car.

I keep telling him to listen to me.  I did GREAT at relationships (Exhibit A:  Mrs ERJ).

They start too young.

Part of my success is that I did not go looking until I was ready.  Perhaps it was all of those Biblical stories of men starting buildings and not having enough resources to put a roof on them.

I had other impediments.  My family was, um, resource starved.  We did have a telephone.  It was wired to the wall.  Next to the kitchen.  A desire for privacy was considered a de facto admission of nefarious intentions.

They start too young (yes, I know I repeated myself)

Kids pair off too early.  They should be focusing on group dynamics.  You can learn a lot about people by just watching.

Dating is about finding a mate.  When the time came, I was not seriously dating for very long before I stubbed my toe on Mrs ERJ.  But what I remember is that 29 year old women are the shining beacon of womanhood.

Something must happen on their 29th birthday.

All of a sudden their list shrank: 
  • Great Car 
  • Six Pack Abs 
  • Skis.  
  • Makes over $100K/year
  • Can order dinner in French 
  • Great hair
  • Has a wine cellar 
  • Fantastic wardrobe (NO polyester).  
  • Condo in a great zip code 
  • Vacations in Europe
  • Loves me
  • Has integrity
  • Works
  • Bathes
  • No substance abuse issues
Somehow I don't think Kubota is ready to hear that girls aren't ready yet, that he will have to wait about 13 years.


  1. Oh yeah, try telling that to his hormones... sigh

  2. Oh yeah, try telling that to his hormones... sigh


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