Thursday, January 28, 2016

A foundation laid true-and-square is a house half built

In Southern Michigan, Orioles prefer American Elm trees 7:1 over any other species of tree.
My guess is that the American Elm's unique twig pattern and spacing offers the best possible foundation for the Oriole's woven nest.
Orioles are among the very last birds to complete their migration from tropical areas.  And then they weave this fantastically complicated pouch that hangs from a branch.  They probably need every possible advantage they can get to overcome their late start.

I wonder if anybody has ever made the connection between American Elms and Oriole nesting success rates.

A foundation laid true-and-square is a house half built.  See, nothing political about that!

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  1. The only Oriole nest I ever saw, in person, was in an old elm (I presume American) in my maternal grandparents' yard(Lee Co., AL)...pre-1966.


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