Thursday, January 28, 2016

Reloading problem, follow-up

I picked 25 suspect rounds from the top of the container that I had quarantined.  I took them out to the burn pit and shot them.  I was standing in the beaten down area in front of the chair.  The target is to the left and down.  I used the cup holder of the chair to hold my cleaning rod.  My plan was to use the cleaning rod to check for barrel obstructions if necessary.  It was not necessary.

Most of the rounds gently lobbed the brass up into the air, bounced it off my right shoulder with most bouncing behind me and a few bouncing in front of me.

All 25 cycled the S&W SDVE.  I was surprised.  The model has its flaws (primarily trigger grittiness) but, by golly, that gun will eat ammo.  You can see four cases on the left side of the photo that must have just dribbled out of the action.

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