Monday, January 18, 2016

Disclosure: I am supporting Ted Cruz


You may have figured this out by now, but I decided to support Ted Cruz this election cycle.

There are many candidates out there.  Most of them could do a credible job of running the country.  Truly, there is somebody out there for everybody.  I looked them over and decided that Senator Ted Cruz is the one who is most in alignment with my values.

There are a few things I particularly like about him.
  • He is cheap.  Those yard signs are as rare as hen's teeth, hence you get a picture of one instead of me getting a sign for my yard.  A person who is a spendthrift with their own money will surely be even more profligate with the money he pries out of my wallet.
  • He has faith in the individual.  Most of us don't need to be rescued 24/7.  The cult of victimhood is emasculating and it mires the recipients in multi-generational poverty.
  • He believes the Second Amendment means what the words plainly state.
  • He believes that government should intervene only when all other venues fail.  Elegant government is the government that achieves necessary ends with the the least intrusive intervention
  • And finally, he is circumspect.  He is not a brash, in-your-face, trash-talking divider. He appears to be a gentleman.  That counts for something out where I live.  Dale Carnegie taught us that we succeed as a team when we can build each other up, and we all fail as individuals when we tear each other down.
Yes, like most of you, I have read the cynical "If voting made any difference, they would not let us do it."   Perhaps I am too much of a Boy Scout.  I don't want to believe that is true.  We have been sliding into this mess since 1964.  It seems unlikely that we can yank it out of the ditch all that quick.

But I am willing to tie my tow strap onto heavy metal and give it a darned good try.

And for those who would crack Canadian jokes, I think of Cruz as being the leader of the "Eh?-Team".


  1. He gets my vote, too :-)

  2. Right now he's the best of a bad lot... But better than the worse lot on the other side... Sigh

  3. Is Mr. Cruz qualified as a 'natural born citizen'? The man was a Canadian citizen up until a few years ago.

    1. A few points:
      -I am not qualified to make that determination
      -I am not privy to that information
      -The Republican party has some responsibility to vet these candidates, I will let them do their job
      -Donald Trump was a Democrat until 2009, the Republicans are embracing him.

      I can only do my part.

      Best regards, and thanks for the comment.


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