Saturday, January 16, 2016

Of dogs and wolves

It is claimed by those who profess to know about such things, that in a one-on-one fight between a dog and a wolf the wolf will always win.

They do not appeal to genetics, morphology or body condition.

They say that dogs fight to establish dominance within the pack.  Much of their game plan involves trash talk, posturing and bluffing. Wolves fight to kill as quickly and with as little risk to themselves as possible.

How many others are gravely concerned about US foreign policy and the military that is put into harm's way executing that policy?  Those who used to be wolves must submit to Rules-of-Engagement that require them to display their participation trophies for slap fighting and escalate with sharply worded memos.

There are still wolves in the world.  They are not impressed with style, tattoos, trash-talk and exquisitely punctuated white papers.  They will tear out our throat while we are in mid-strut.

I fear that we, as a nation, will be tattoo boy. ---Warning, video of a violent fight between a slap fighting "Pluto" and a wolf.

We can point to Pearl Harbor as a time when we were sucker punched and were able to get back on our feet.  But it was different then.  We had not been infiltrated by the enemy.  Another factor involves the logistics;  a freighter or troop ship took 15 days to cross the Pacific Ocean and it was vulnerable to predation the entire way.  Now, airplanes cross the globe in times measured in hours and ordinance can be delivered a thousand miles inland in time measured in minutes.

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  1. Excellent post. Yet there are those today who criticize the Greatest Generation for things like fire bombing Dresden and nuking two cities in Japan. But the US was only involved in that war for four years. Amazing what can be done when a whole country and its leaders are serious.


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