Saturday, February 26, 2022

Wherein ERJ reveals his shorts


Not every blogger is comfortable posting picture of his shorts on the internet.

I found that rascal. I walked past it at least a half dozen times. I don't know why I could not see it unless it was because the wire in the last picture is the spitting image of a grape-tendril.

Bonus pictures
The view from Sprite's pasture where my calves are grazing back onto my property.

After the release cutting

We did not get this far. The tree that is circled is a Black Walnut while the other, similar sized trees are ash trees afflicted with EAB.

Corn Pop unmasked

Yup, Slo-Mo Joe got the box open all on his very own. Kicked Sugar Bears heinie.


  1. Now I see what you mean when you said "The shorts can look like stalks of grass"....

  2. Yeah, I missed that one completely myself... Sigh...

  3. When connecting a wire end to a fence line I use a one inch piece of 1/4 {or whatever is handy ] flexible copper that I split and put over the fence and stick in the end of the wire and crimp it with large Channel Locks. Keeps things tidy and eliminates those problems. Usually. ---ken

  4. Slo Joes interrogation of Justice Thomas was sickening at best . Justice Thomas looked like he would like to have spit on old Joe and then stomped his wisecracking arse but he maintained his decorum . He is a far better man than I or Joe .


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