Sunday, February 27, 2022

I saw this at Daily Timewaster



  1. I bought that set of books back in the 90's. "One book every month with the rest to follow." And sure enough, 2 or 3 came once a month, then a giant box of the rest. They were written by a Brit I'd reckon due to the vocabulary and spelling.

    "Combat and Survival" was the name of the set.

    1. I've got that set as well. Some of it is useful anywhere, some is more attuned to Europe. This is definitely more of a European thing. Out training (in the 80s) was that you defend a building from outside using prepared fighting positions. A building is too easy to turn into a death trap.

  2. I'm betting that is being done right now in Kyiv and other cities...

  3. I am seriously considering mocking some Claymores near my front door for when the feds come knocking. It could buy we some time.