Thursday, February 24, 2022

Coffee buddies

Bernie was not his usual, cheerful, easy-going self this morning.

"What's going on?" I asked in as sympathetic of a voice as I could manage.

"We go grocery shopping on Wednesdays" he muttered.

Thinking it was related to rising prices I asked "Go on..."

"I just can't stand it any more" he said. "I stay in the minivan and let Darlene go in alone."

"Hmmmm" I intoned. Sometimes words get in the way when somebody needs to get something off his chest.

"Every week keeps getting worse and worse" Bernie continued.

"Darlene comes out and is just fit to be tied. She told me the check-out person was an old sour-pus who was stupid and slow and couldn't figure out how to scan the coupons or do anything right."

"It casts a pall over the entire day" Bernie said.

"I really wish she would stop using the self-checkout lanes."


  1. Reminds me: one time, I told TDW-Mark II, that I had better things to do, rather than traipse all through Meijer's on these epic shopping trips.

    Yep, I certainly told her!

    So, once I was done arranging all our purchases in the truck, properly.....

  2. I wonder where the employee discount comes into play.