Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Three Ss

A perfectly ordinary Jeep in mid-Michigan.

And you never know when you might need a shovel.
According to the owner, the clamps are cam-shaft bearing caps from a 2.4 liter Ecotech engine.

The rack itself started life as shelving in a beverage cooler that the owner welded together.


  1. That particular shovel is about the most useless shovel on earth. A real back breaker. The angle between the blade and handle means it can't be under the truck to shovel out mud, sand or snow if he's stuck. Not much help whacking a fallen tree out of the way either. Far, far better to use a sharp shooter. A thin, long, straight bladed shovel that will get under a truck without riding up into the undercarriage and can be used as an impromptu ax, pry bar or weapon.

  2. I like the resourcefulness of the owner. When I was in Breckenridge CO recently, I saw a similar set up with an axe and a farm jack as well.

  3. Yep, needs a Hi-lift Jack to go with it, but kudos for a good start!


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