Monday, October 9, 2017

"At least I don't put diapers on trees!"

Air layer in a Jefferson filbert

Kubota and I were having one of those "young-bull, old-bull" discussions when he shared the fact that he did not think I had a life.

I have been playing around with air layering as a method of propagating a small number of choice specimens.
Air layer in a Kerr applecrab.  The birds pecked this one open.

And I suppose it does look like I am putting diapers on trees.

Foraging yellowjackets?

While walking out back the last few times I noted that this willow seems to be irresistible to yellowjackets.  The first time I assume a skunk had just dug up their nest but they were still swarming in this tree four days later.  I looked and was not able to see a nest.  They appeared to be foraging for something.  Apologies for the shaky video.  I filmed it with magnification because I did not want to get too close.

While watching the yellowjackets, this fearless bird flew in and started feasting.

Sorry for the poor photos.  He moved too fast.

Juhl persimmon.  Also sold in the nursery trade as "Yates".

A single Juhl persimmon.  Juhl is an outstanding female parent.
Tennis-shoe pear

Persimmon tree

Close up of the top.


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