Sunday, October 8, 2017

It is a good day to be in mid-Michigan

The Michigan State University Spartans beat their arch-rivals from the University of Michigan, 14-10.

For the first time in decades both programs are strong.  Both have solid, workman-like coaches.

Previous decades saw each program, in turn, get seduced into hiring coaches who relied on gimmicks, trick-plays and emotion over the hard work, discipline that reliably leads to success.  Both coaches demand execution in every part of the game.

The weather

We picked up another inch-and-a-half of rain last night.

I know it is weird for some of you to hear me gloating about getting rain but it has been a very dry growing season.  I was seeing the bottoms of many of the ponds around here.  My prayers are with the fine folks in Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee and Georgia who will be getting more rain than they want.

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