Saturday, October 14, 2017

Retail Lighting 101: Part II

A few real world examples.

Coca-cola is a master at marketing

Notice that they opted for the non-frosted LED light bars.  Each single point light source creates a reflection on every bottle.  Also note that they placed the water bottles, which are clear, close to the light sources.  That allows more light to penetrate to the middle of the display and illuminate those products.

A very short video of what you see when you walk past a beverage cooler.  Every bottle gleams like a handful of diamonds.

And it was not hard to find out who made those coolers for Coca-Cola.  This sticker was on the back of the cooler unit.

These pretzels were for sale next to the beverage cooler.

They are sold in flat-sided, crystal clear packaging.  Irresistible!

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