Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Light traps for bugs

Thailand seems to be at the forefront of using water/light traps for insects
Different light sources can be used, ranging from simple oil lamps to different types of electric bulbs. Special light sources called black-light have been developed and are particularly efficient because of the type of light they emit. They should be considered in situations when other light sources (houses, street lights) are competing with the traps.

While the light source attracts the insects, the traps need another device to kill or capture them. Often this is a container with water that is placed under the light source. The moths that circle around the light will drop in the water and can be counted the next morning. It is recommended to add a bit of soap to the water.  -Source

I reckon a fellow could cut this fellow into steaks and serve a family.
It begs the question, could light/water bug traps be combined with aquaculture or poultry (ducks) in a useful way?


  1. That bug would be served at a roadside cart! :-) Duly deep fried of course...

  2. That's a water bug ( I think) eaten in Cambodia among other places.


    Been using one for years


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