Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Signage for U-Pick Orchards

Many neighborhoods look like this in late October
One of the challenges of running a U-Pick orchard operation is getting the pickers to the correct row.  A 40 acre plot with rows 15' apart and a lane running through the center of the operation will have about 170 rows.

A brief window of opportunity for inexpensive signage will soon present itself.

This is a font called "Bubblegum"

Political yard signs can  be recycled.  A coat of inexpensive, white latex paint can be applied and then custom printed bumper sticker applied to the sign.  A small tweak would be to punch a hole in one corner of the sign to make it easy to add a balloon to the sign when the apples in that row are ready for picking.

Bumper sticker printing stock can be had for as little as $0.27 each and the stickers can be printed off on any laser printer.

Tilting the signs as shown by the red line segments allows them to be read by people walking down the lane (tan strip) and while standing immediately in front of the row.
Not counting time and the cost of toner for a laser printer, an enterprising person could place a very functional sign on each end of his 170 rows of trees for about $90...but they have to hustle to collect the signs.

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  1. or just have a different candidate sign for each row, and direct pickers to the candidate of the day... Just a lazy thought from a lazy person....


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