Friday, October 13, 2017

A new blogging camera

Today I bought a Nikon Coolpix A10 camera.

I am one of those dinosaurs who still uses a flip-phone.  I value being able to reach into a pocket and responding to an incoming call without taking my eyes off of traffic.  I am willing to put up with the inconveniences of texting and the limited "media" capabilities.

The old camera is a Canon with 12X optical zoom.  It is just a little too large to be the ideal "blogging" camera.  The other issue is that it will not "hold" the time-date and I am usually in too much of a hurry to set it every time I see a photo opportunity.

Both cameras use AA batteries.  That is one of the features that is not negotiable.

I took the new camera out and messed around with it to get used to it.

Horseradish.  One of the precepts of Permaculture is to replace less desirable species, like nettles, with more useful plants that fill a similar niche.  I have nettles growing between my apple trees in the orchard and the best way to discourage them is to plant something that will displace them.  Horseradish is one of the contenders.

Purple pole beans.  I will harvest these seeds in the near future.

Garlic in the orchard.  This is another "contender" to displace nettles.

This is a failure of the Nikon's auto-focus.  I think the Canon's facial recognition would have focused on the raspberries in the middle of the frame.

Another auto-focus failure.

An auto-focus success.  Note the time-date stamp in the lower, right corner.  I like the size.  It is discrete but viewable.

A bird nest.  I am guessing a humming bird based on the size.

Little shreds of material from the bags that grain comes in.

A persimmon tree.

Pictures from the Canon re-orient.  Somehow information from the camera's position is embedded in the photo and Blogger knows to rotate it.  The Nikon pictures are What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG)

Various species will jump out at different times of the year.  This week, the Pawpaws are jumping out.  It turns out that I have a butt-load of seedlings sprouting around the place.

This is a deer bed but it is hard to see.  I don't know if the Canon would have captured more contrast and made the bed more apparent.

A so-so picture of a mushroom.  I will have to keep messing around with the macro and super-macro function of the Nikon.  That was all handled by the software in the Canon.
When I have the room I will be carrying both cameras for a bit.  They are good at different things.

The Canon has more inherent capability.

The Nikon is much easier to carry and is more discrete.

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