Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The Irish Republican Army

I wonder how many of the people who are knee-jerk in favor of allowing refugees to resettle in the European Union or North America ever studied the history of the Irish Republican Army.

According to the Washington Post
Irish Americans who, while claiming to be "aiding the families of political prisoners," were in fact helping to arm IRA terrorists. Throughout the 1970s, until Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher asked President Ronald Reagan to stop them, they were the IRA's primary source of funding. And even after that they were widely tolerated.
It seems strange that great-great-grandchildren were supporting the IRA 120 years after the potato famine and centuries after the British moved politically reliable Protestants into the power structure.

What seems to have happened is that fund raisers were able to apply pressure to Irish-American's sciatica nerve.  They applied pressure to Irish-American's pride.  "We got run out if Ireland because we were out-gunned.  You are in a position to fix that smear on our pride." The Irish-Americans responded by donating generously and indiscriminately.

The common narrative of allowing the free-flow of immigrants from places like Syria and Iraq is that it A.) Humanitarian and B.) Will bring peace to the region.

Count me as skeptical.  There is no guarantee that those regions will become peaceful as long as funds and weapons can flow back into those regions.

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  1. Even worse during the troubles there were estimated to be all of 200 full-time active IRA members.


    And they gave the British army fits.

    Now instead of 200 IRA types imagine thousands of ISIS members and their supporters imported as refugees wandering about.

    England is already getting a taste of this, unfortunately.


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