Thursday, October 19, 2017

Guest Post: Salamander Scores!!!

Big smiles here!
"It was pretty cool.  Four bruisers were fighting in  the cut bean field (A) east of the  beehive woods (BHW)

Pink is picked soybeans.  Green is woods. Salamander called them in 800 yards!  Mr Big went more feet before piling up.
When they took a break, I rattled as loud as I could to get their attention from  the double ladder stand (DLS) on the clover patch.

Two broke away to the east, 10 minutes later they showed up just east of   the Triangle Woods (TW).  I grunted and they both headed my way. 

They were halfway to me and a car on the road stopped to look.  They stopped and looked at the car twice and then headed toward the swale on the north property line.

I grunted again when they could see my decoy and they headed over my way.  Mr Big was bringing up the rear.

They were trying to figure out the deke when he offered a 15 yard quartering away shot in the pump house.  Headed toward Stormy Kromer's property and made it to within 40' of the road on Harrison's lot.
In the woods

I have been waiting a  long time for this one.

And in better light.


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