Monday, October 9, 2017

More than one way to skin a cat

Trump is easing restrictions that currently allow healthcare insurance sellers to operate in a monopoly.

According to this article:
President Trump (is) going to ditch restrictions that ban people from buying health instance across state lines.
The plans offered by associations would be less expensive because they wouldn't have the same requirements as Obamacare coverage. For instance, they wouldn't be required to cover customers with pre-existing illnesses and could either deny coverage or charge these customers more.

Association health plans used to be more common before Obamacare, which placed restrictions on their use.

Lifting these protections would offer less comprehensive coverage, but would also make health plans less expensive.
 Less expensive healthcare insurance will be welcomed even if it means that Mrs ERJ and I lose birthcontrol coverage.  I think we will just have to take the risk.

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