Saturday, October 28, 2017

Should have looked at a map first

The pollinator was planted near the yellow star.  Existing Grand Traverse hazelnut bushes are circled in red.  I am dubious about the more southern bushes getting much pollen due to the prevailing winds.  I should have looked at a map before I planted!
I talked with my friend Larry today.  I suggested that he put a stake in the ground where he wanted the super-pollinator planted.

He told me that was going to be difficult.  He has been working seven days a week for the last two weeks and is scheduled for seven days a week for the next four weeks.  It is dark when he leaves for work and it is dark when he comes home.

I suggested that I just stick it in the ground where I think it should be.  Larry thought that idea was "OK".

Mrs ERJ and I road-tripped over to his place.  It is very scenic driving from Eaton Rapids to Bellevue, Michigan when you take the back roads.

This is the more southern of the surviving Grand Traverse.  They are sixty feet away from the pollinator.

These are the Grand Traverse that are due east and they are 100 feet from the pollinator.

The hole went here.

This photo shows the bush with Mrs ERJ as a back-drop to make the catkins more visible.

As seen from 10 feet away.

As seen from the road.  The cage with the surveyor's tape is on the left side of the photo.
Then we made a date of it.  We went to Cornwell's Turkeyville for a  late lunch.

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