Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Volunteering Makes you Young

My work-out partner had a schedule change in mid-January so I am no longer providing a ride for him but I am still volunteering at one of the local schools.

I was in the classroom as the kids come in this morning.  These are very young children who are decked out in arctic-expedition capable regalia.  The first order of the day is un-shucking them from their suits of armor.  Boots==>to==>shoes provides the most drama.

While on my hands-and-knees attempting to wedge a growing foot into a shoe that did not grow, I felt a set of hands running over my back and heard "Ooohhh!"  Before you could say "Alfred Hitchcock" there were about three kids checking out the flannel shirt Mrs ERJ gave me for Christmas.  It is luxuriously soft and fuzzy. 

Try saying "The bunny runs around the tree, sees the hole and jumps in.  Oh, no.  He is stuck.  We have to grab his ears and pull him in." while three 5 year old children argue about whether you are a puppy or a kitty.  It is enough to give a fellow an identity crisis.

After transforming the mini-Michelin Men into young students, one of them latched onto my hand and started spinning around, chanting "Its Mr Jewett!  Its Mr Jewett!"  My last name is not "Jewett" but I know who he is.

Volunteering makes you younger.  Today I was a puppy, a kitty and then I was mistaken for a 27 year old man who played Division III football.

I highly recommend volunteering.

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