Friday, February 28, 2014

Report Out, End-Of-Day One

Mrs ERJ made it to Alabama on their first day of travel.

Belladonna and Kubota went to the Eaton Rapids Men's basketball game last night.  It was senior night for the team.  Nobody watch "The Office" DVD.

I stayed home.  There were no reports of misbehavior.

One of my other responsibilities is to maintain a second blog.  My goal is to post one entry a week.  I failed that goal.  Over the last couple of days I have written about 4000 words (three posts) to make up for the deficiency.  The topic has one more post in it before I am done.  Writing those posts is absorbing much of my time.  It is amazing how productive I can be when I am avoiding other doing our taxes.

I shot three rabbits with the Savage Mark II (.22LR).  Three shots, three dead rabbits. For me, that is fabulous shooting.

We ate pizza.  We made lemon bars, which were a minor fail.  Kubota did not read the directions (its a guy thing) and mixed the pre-packaged crust with water and eggs.  The "save" was partially successful. The graham cracker crust floated to the top of the lemon filling.  Ugly dessert but it still tasted good.

Mrs ERJ actually read the instructions on the package of Pop-Tarts and informed us that we are prohibited from microwaving them due to the possibility of burning our tongues.  In a masculine show of indifference to (other's) pain and suffering, and a swaggering disdain for accepting outside direction, I microwaved the kid's Pop-tarts this morning.  On paper plates!

I had a few glasses of red wine and went to sleep.

The kids are doing better than I am.

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