Friday, February 28, 2014

Shooty stuff

My local gun store has many powders in stock.  Until the shortage eases, they have a rule.  Only one pound of powder per day.

They did not have some of my favorites.  They did not have Red Dot...but they had e^3.  They did not have Blue Dot...but they had Pro Reach.  While I would much prefer to be able to buy an 8 pound jug I am still quite happy to replenish my supply one pound at a time.  One pound of e^3 is sufficient for 400 "light" 12 gauge loads.  The Pro Reach will only stretch half as far because it is for "heavy" loads.

They also were able to get some #6 shot.  That bag of shot now resides in the bowels of the ERJ armory.


My string of one-shot kills on bunnies stopped at 5.  I think # 6 was hit low. He was closer than I thought.  I held a little bit lower than where I wanted to hit.  I think I gave his brisket a haircut. I will go back with one of the dogs and see if they can find him. 

Bunny # 4 was eating walnut twigs.  It boggles my mind to imagine any animal being hungry enough to eat walnut twigs.

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