Monday, February 3, 2014

Stories in the Snow

A rare, calm, cold, crystal clear morning in Michigan. 

Walking south across the pasture

Area in the red circle, looking back toward the North.  Clicking on the pictures should bring up a larger version of it.

Somebody had a bad day.
The snow took and held an incredible amount of detail.  Like I said, it was a very calm morning.  I just wish I was a better photographer.
This is a shot of the short end of the "V".  The detail is not as sharp as the other end.

This area was circled in green.  Deer browsing Red Maple twigs from multi-stems cut earlier this week.  Deer show a clear preference for apple, then maple, then aspen, in that order.

A dilemma

Quercus robur, the same oak species of Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest.  This species is a very heavy producer of acorns.

The tree on the left is in a better position and is bigger than the tree on the right.  The tree on the right has better form.  That is, it has fewer crotches that are vulnerable to splitting and it will likely live longer and be healthier.

I will probably remove the tree on the left.  This is a good problem to have, even though it will hurt to cut down the tree on the left.

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