Saturday, February 15, 2014

Fun with PLCs

One of my secret desires is get good at programming PLCs (Programable Logic Controllers).  I know that I could have a huge amount of fun.  PLCs are the way to integrate all that cool computer stuff with the nuts-and-bolts of the mechanical world.

The first project in my bucket list is to mock up a ZPU-4, outfit it with servos on axis one and two and teach it to track the "hot spot" from a NIR video aligned down the axis of the barrels.

I think this would look mighty spiffy mounted on the peak of my garage roof, pointing down the length of my driveway, tracking the vehicles of the young men coming to date my daughter....and have it continue to track them as they zoomed down the road heading away from my house.

It would also be a swell after-market sales item for pickup trucks.  Notice how the recoil rocks the full sized Chevy at 51 seconds.  The 14.5mm Soviet round has twice the muzzle energy of Ma Deuce's (.50 BMG) round and this dude can fire forty rounds a second.  This is the weapon that gave Huey pilots in Vietnam the most nightmares.  Look at the muzzle flash that becomes visible in low light...good examples between 2:20 and 2:30 in the video.  It would give me nightmares as well.

Heck, I might even offer an option that incorporates four Ruger 10/22s triggered with cordless drills turning a bicycle crank.  I believe that there are many fathers who have beautiful daughters that would be interested in one of these toys.

I would have a glorious amount of fun learning to program PLCs.

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