Saturday, February 8, 2014

Of Dogs and Guns


Belladonna spent the night at a friends.  "Sleep overs" are a much bigger thing than when I was a kid.

Herc, her German Shepherd, misses her terribly.  He checks outside.  He checks inside.  He sniffs at ever closed door.


I was finally able to get him to sleep in his crate. My plan was to lie down on Belladonna's bed just long enough to have Herc go to sleep.  He woke me up at 8:00.

It is a good thing that German Shepherds do not have opposable thumbs, otherwise we would have to issue them Social Security Numbers. 


I took Kubota and Wild Willie to the Lansing/Mason Gun Show.

Many guns.  Little ammo.  Almost no reloading components.  Primers were $10/thousand more than my local gun store.

Kubota bought a mug.  It is a nice souvenir.  It is attractive, durable and had a decent price.

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  1. I've quit going to gun shows. Not much there that interests me, or more particularly, nothing there that interests me at the price they want. I'd rather cruise pawn shops. It lends an air of exploration.