Sunday, February 2, 2014

Helping Kubota with Romance

Kubota is at that stage where he makes a show of talking to girls.

But his audience is really the boys.

I am sure most of us worked pretty hard to forget that awkward, painful time.  Us guys thought we were clever using contrived pickup "lines".  The girls may have appreciated the effort but many of them had serious doubts that boys and girls were actually the same species.

Kubota thinks he is complimenting a girl when he loudly announces across the cafeteria "You are HOT!"  All the other boys at the table go nuts, just like the monkeys at the zoo.  The girls, in large part, are not impressed.  In their minds, they hear "You are HOT!" from a 14 year old boy as, "I hope you are EASY!".

I still don't know much about girls.  But I know that girls worth having are not attracted to guys who thing they are easy.  They are attracted to guys who will value and protect them.

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---End Disclaimer---

So Kubota, when you are old enough to read this blog, turn off your misogynistic (C)rap music and listen to some older, romantic music.

Love is not a spectator sport or one of the performing arts.  Love is about two people finding each other, being brave enough to risking intimacy.  Two people having each other's back.  It is about trust, respect, care....and ecstasy.

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