Sunday, February 16, 2014

Proof of Global Warming

President Obama is expected to sign an executive order requiring that televised and internet weather reports give ALL temperatures using the Rankine scale.  Highs of 472 R are expected in Eaton Rapids tomorrow.

In other news....

The piles of snow left by global warming and the snow plows make an excellent backstop for shooting the $99 Mouser.  I have been shooting milk jugs laid on their sides.  The brightly colored caps make fine, high definition targets.

I was a bummed to find I am hitting 3/4" above point-of-aim at 25 yards.  My expectation was that I would be hitting on the money with a second zero of 200 yards.

The $99 (a month) Mouser wears a Lyman globe front sight.  The line of sight is about 3/4" above the bore.  Making use of Hornady's fine ballistic calculator shows 0.8" high at 25 yards can be expected to hit 2.5" high at 100 yards with a second zero at 170 yards. 

The rule-of-thumb about being "on" at 25 yards is great advice for rifles with scopes.  They typically have a line-of-sight 1.5 inches above the bore.  It is a great starting point.  As always, Your Mileage Will Vary and it pays to check how your weapon performs with your ammo when shot by you.  It pays to repeatedly check.


  1. I love the Lyman Globe sight. With the proper insert, you don't have to look at it, you look through it. It's a lot easier for old eyes.


      The insert that I am using is from the middle of the top row. It is a great target sight. I think that the fat post (bottom row, second from right) is more functional in the real world.

      I took the Mouser deer hunting once. At low light, 50 yards I had a hard time figuring out where on the deer I was pointing. I lost context.

      Nearly all interesting events seem to happen in low light and with targets that lack the contrast of the typical shooting range environment. Trading off more positive target acquisition for some precision is a good the real world.