Monday, February 10, 2014

Down Day

I walked Herc, the German Shepherd, around the block.  It is three miles.  We also took an excursion down a snowmobile track for an additional mile.

The deer found the corn patch I planted near the road.  That would explain our dogs getting so wound up the last couple of nights.  It has to be brutally hard pickings for the turkeys, deer and squirrels.

More doctors

Then I took Kubota to a doctor.  One of the problems with precise imaging and diagnostic equipment is that they spot all kinds of anomalies.  That leads to more referrals, more tests, etc. 

The doctor was taken aback when he used some doctor-speak, Kubota asked "What did he say?" and I replied , "He said you have big muscles in Greek."

After the doctor's visit we at at Mijo's on East Michigan Avenue next to Mac's Bar.  Most of the patrons were studying.  The man sitting in the booth behind us told an engaging story about hunting up north.  His stand was beneath a huge (8' diameter) eagle's nest.  One of the feathers blew down (a really big feather).  He and the other person in the deer stand sprinted out of the stand to catch it before it touched the ground.  He told an engaging story of wind eddies, blinding rays of sun, snow drifts, snow covered stumps, woodchuck holes and snags protruding from pine trees.  I am sure the telling of the story took many times longer than the actual occurrence. 

I did not know that eagle feathers were magic if you caught them before they touch the ground.  Perhaps it makes one a better story teller.

Speaking of stories

I am now reading Old NFO's "Grey Man".   He is a very gifted writer.  He resists the temptation to bury the reader in technical detail and he shows the reader rather than tells the reader.

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