Friday, February 7, 2014

Belladonna is on Cloud Nine

Encourage is derived from "in Corgiis"
Belladonna's personality is that of an "Encourager".  Generally up-beat, positive, people-oriented and empathetic.

She has always had a great deal of curiosity about her birth parents.  It is emblematic of her empathy that she felt compassion for them, that they were in circumstances where they felt that giving up a child (her) for adoption was the best choice at the time.

About a month ago she sent a letter to the adoption agency.

Yesterday, we got a package back from the adoption agency.  The package was addressed to Mrs ERJ and to me.  Belladonna is almost seventeen but we are still her legal, adult parents and as such, are responsible for her.  Mrs ERJ and I had a short conversation with each other.  After the conversation, we gave the package to Belladonna.

The package was filled with pictures from her birth family.

Belladonna has an older brother and sister.  Her older sister included her Instagram address.  Belladonna was able to deduce her older sister's Facebook account based on that name and found her birthmother by matching up pictures between the one's sent and the ones on her sister's Facebook page.

The breadcrumbs were strewn thickly upon the ground.  They wanted to be found.

Belladonna messaged her birth mother.  Her birth mother responded and they had a long, tearful (on this end) conversation via Facebook.  The tears were happy tears.

Kubota, also adopted but from a different birth family, felt left out.  He did a good job of letting Belladonna savor the reunion.  He showed restraint and maturity.  Mostly. 

His turn will come, but not for a few years.

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