Sunday, February 16, 2014

Out of Touch

There is a survey going around Facebook "What State are you From".

It has you answer a battery of questions regarding TV shows you watch, movies you identify with, music stars and sports teams that you admire.

The quiz might as well have been written in Kiswahili.

I monitor Fox, CNN and Google news and see headlines about the latest celebrity who "came out".  Their names mean nothing to me.

I read about a loud-mouthed drunk whose career has been on the ropes for the last 10 years marrying for the fourth time.  He is marrying a porn star.  That makes sense to me, after all the abuse he has heaped on his body it is likely that he will need more than butterfly kisses before he feels anything.  But why is this guy news?  If his brain cells were were chihuahuas he would be more reviled than Michael Vick.

 Attention is oxygen to celebrities.  I don't have any to spare.  Celebrities are "celebrities" because they are needy, not because of any innate talent.  There are a hundred more talented people for every celebrity, but those hundred people are not willing to make a deal with the devil.

A case in point:  The woman with the most beautiful singing voice I have ever heard is Marcella Jones.  Who is she?  She is a beautiful, church-going, young lady who lives in Detroit.  She has her head screwed on straight.  It is highly unlikely that she will ever be "a celebrity".

Maybe it is cabin fever

It is snowing again.

I live inside my head much of the time.  I ponder the merits of marketing Lucky Charms with Adderall, Fruit Loops with Ritalin, Poptarts with Caffeine.

Time to go to church.  I will pray for the celebrities.  That is the only attention they will get from me today.  I will pray for them because they are needy humans with bruised souls, not because somebody told me "they are important".

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