Saturday, February 1, 2014

Gender Specific Parental Duties

The Boys

I took Kubota and Wild Willie to Family Shooter's Corral for some ballistic therapy.  We took a Marlin 795 (semi-automatic) and a Savage Mark II (bolt action). I asked them which firearm they liked best.  I was surprised when they both like the Savage Mark II best.  They said it felt better in their hands, less like a toy, and they really liked the trigger.

Most of the shooting was fun shooting.

Hostage picture stolen from the Internet
Both kids seemed to enjoy the challenge of "hostage" scenarios.

We did a little bit of field position work at the end.  We moved a picnic table so they would not have to lie in the snow.  It was the first time either of them had shot prone.  It felt very weird to them but enough reps will fix that.

Then we came home, ate pizza and watched Weekend at Bernie's.  A recurring meme in Bloggerville is the economy as Weekend at Bernie's.  So this was a serious intellectual exercise....really.

The Girls

Homecoming and Prom are no longer enough.  There is now "Winter Fest".  Mrs ERJ took a raft of girls shopping for dresses and accessories.

This is what Mrs ERJ and Belladonna brought home.  It is nothing that a little bit of red duct tape cannot fix.

Some girls were meant to be put on a pedestal.
I think leaving on the price tag is a class move.  Pure Eaton Rapids.

I am pretty sure the boys got the better end of the deal.

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