Saturday, February 22, 2014

Data Limits

Post # 442.  I watched a boatload of these (Olds 442) go down Saginaw Street when I was a Safety Patrol in Lansing, Michigan
Belladonna has track meet in Mount Pleasant, Michigan today. She qualified for "States" in Shot put in Indoor Track.  I get to watch 8-)

Data Limits

We blew through our data limits again.  I think Kubota has a game on his smart phone that sucks down bandwidth.

My kids are oblivious to the resources the are sucking down.  They believe in "free stuff".  As in, radio waves fly through the air, air is all that stuff that pops into my phone must be free.

It must be for some of their friends.  Oh, the joys of living in the city where you can pirate somebody else's signal.

Kubota is sure that he is being magnificently generous when he hands out the password to our network to his buddies when they visit.  Those are the weekends where we will burn through 10% of our monthly allowance in one session.

We have two more days left before our data package refreshes.  Time to go unplug the wireless modem.

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