Thursday, December 1, 2022



12 minute runtime

I was shocked at the price of a genuine Whopper-Plopper with the larger sizes running about $20 a copy.

This is a big deal when river fishing where the fish and the forage huge the structure. "Structure" is fancy talk for logs and snags and stumps and boulders and oil-drums and old tires. All the kind of things a big fish can wrap the line around and tangle up your price lure....or junk you will snag when you are casting your lure where the fish are.

20 minute runtime

Fortunately, there are cheap knock-offs.

Hat-tip to Lucas Machias for the videos.

Running notes

I ran 2 miles today. We will see how lamed up I am tomorrow.


The rear calf is the muscle being stretched. Even thought the pain shows up in the bottom of the foot in front of the heel the root problem is tight calves.

Roger asked in comments about the stretch I was doing to address plantars fascitis.

I stretch my calves with the stretch shown above. I had been doing them 60 seconds but was informed that 30 seconds per calf is also effective.

One advantage of doing sixty-seconds is that after thirty-seconds I an focus on slowly pivoting my foot along the ball of my foot to increase the strain along the inside and outside of my calf.

Doing this four times a day has been helpful in the past.


  1. Haven't been fishing in years. All my gear was stolen in a move, and I've never replaced it.

    1. Blasting caps and DuPont Spinners ARE much harder to obtain now days.

  2. Thanks for the stretch confirmation. I am your age, have 14 year old twins and am a scoutmaster. I have to beat this thing. Roger

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